My penname is Darwin.

I’m currently learning how to handle my money. Do you want to learn how to handle your money? Welcome.You are at the right place,& here we can learn this together. Here my story to help you understanding why I’m doing this.
After finishing my high school in 2010, I landed a job at one of my relative’s shop in 2011. The job paid well enough but with the little financial information I had at that time,I blew the money as fast as I received it. I was left with nothing to show for it.
You see, I had heard about budgeting, saving,& investing but didn’t know how to apply that to my dream of bieng financially independent.
Fast foward to 2013 I’m a student at Jomo Kenyatta university of agriculture and techology in Kenya, studying Bsc control and instrumentation engineering. I completed my 2nd year at August and I’m now working at my father’s shop for long hours for a small pay.
I have dream, I want to travel to countries, I want to help communities protect their environments while creating other new conducive environments. I can’t achieve this if my mind is constantly worried of money. That’s why I took the initiative of putting my finances in order.
I know you also have dreams,BIG DREAMS.
Stay with me and we shall travel the road to personal financial indipendence as we also bring our dream to give back to the society together to a reality.


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