It’s intriguing how a new perspective of a situation can change your life.
I am undergoing some counselling to deal with my past. And during my last session I was encouraged to change the questions I’ve been asking myself from: why this was done to me to how and what impact my past has on my day to day life.
This may sometimes be difficult if the situation hurt you deeply
but trying this will really help in coming into terms with your past and forging ahead baggage-free.
So instead of thinking why somethings happened to me, think on how these have impacted in your life.
When thinking on how you are impacted, you focus on
1) how you felt and
2) would you like to subject another person to the same ordeal?
3) what measures can I take so that it if does happen again,I’ll know what my reaction will be.
When thinking about why I tends to focus on the act which generall does not result into any solution.
You will often conclude that if it were not for that experience you would not be well equipped to handle such situation.


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