Continuum of life

“The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth” by Lao Tzu

As student we get asked alot of questions whether in class or in exams. This questions asked are aimed at either getting us to understand something or test our understanding of a particular subject. It’s therefore important, as students of life, to ask questions. One such question is this.
What is continuum of life?
Where do you mostly occupy in the continuum of life?
Are you comfortable with where you are or do you want better?
Continuum of life
It is the level of usefulness as person you are to yourself, others and the community as a whole.
As a man or a woman we are always in a state of exchange with another person. The greater rewards go to the person who gives more.
Man is where he is that he may grow.
This continuum features four major ranks that people occupy
As humans we are born helpless and we depend on our parent to take good care of us. We are dependent on our parents. We give joy to our parent in return so its a heathy exchange.
Depending on the direction you take in life you may fall into lower ranks or you may lift yourself into higher ranks.

Lets define the ranks.
A producer gives more  and as a result gets much more.
A survivor gives as much as he takes. He strived once and preferred to stay stagnant.

A dependant takes more than he give yet he give much in other areas. He is loved for who he is. An example of a dependant is a school going children. The depends on parents/ gurdians for support yet the child may help in some chore at home.
A burden is something that bring exhaustion to other so if someone is a burden, then it means he is supporting an unhealthy exchange with the people around him. If it continues, he might plunge into being a beggar.
A Beggar is person who gets little out of people generosity yet gives even more little himself. A beggar on thinks of himself.
A man is deeply defined by the rank he occupys. Its therefore of importance to note where you are, realise you have been operating with some specific mentality and thought patterns that supported you.

Where are you currently in the continuum of life and how did you get there? Please share your views with us.

Scared and Afraid.

I’ve always been afraid of doing new stuff;trying new styles; meeting new people; moving homes, you name it. So I know what’s it means to be afraid; to be scared stiff.
I’ve looked back in my life (honestly) and realised that there are rules of bieng scared. Yes, even afraid has its own principles that guide you. These are
1)Not knowing yourself. This stems from looking at yourself from other people’s eyes; especially if these people have a low opinion of you. It more like underestimating your skills,abilities and capabilities.
2)Seeing situations in your life with your mental eyes but not actually taking a step in confronting them. You literally talk yourself out of doing something that would have been of great impact. You convince yourself that you can’t do it. Then when another situation arises, you easily convince yourself that you can’t handle it from previous experience hence get into a vicious cycle. Soon enough, you can’t handle anything and you don’t know how it came to be that way.
3)Avoiding to do somethings because it might be a cause of embarrassment to you or because people might have a low opinion of you.
4) Watching and waiting for things to happen by assuming that they are gonna happen by themselves.
Fear in itself constitutes lack of courage. It snuffs off the energy that motivates change. It creeps from one area of life into another and if left untrimmed it chokes life out of a person.
5)Keeping score of the failures and forgetting past successes. Concentrate really hard on how you flopped each and every time till you can sing how bad you are.


I’ve been warned and forewarned of the dangers of engaging in some ‘risky’ behaviours. Truth be told, I have urges. They surge through my body like blood. My dreams nudge me towards a path unknown to me. So green, so compelling are my goals, that I move towards them, until I cast my mind to the harsh words of the warnings. No, I’m not looking back there. I’ll throw unnecessary caution to the dogs (winds).
I’ll move mountains to the coasts,
I’ll charge the hills and purge the valleys,
The scourge of my sting, shall overwhelm my fears, and they shall be no more.


It’s intriguing how a new perspective of a situation can change your life.
I am undergoing some counselling to deal with my past. And during my last session I was encouraged to change the questions I’ve been asking myself from: why this was done to me to how and what impact my past has on my day to day life.
This may sometimes be difficult if the situation hurt you deeply
but trying this will really help in coming into terms with your past and forging ahead baggage-free.
So instead of thinking why somethings happened to me, think on how these have impacted in your life.
When thinking on how you are impacted, you focus on
1) how you felt and
2) would you like to subject another person to the same ordeal?
3) what measures can I take so that it if does happen again,I’ll know what my reaction will be.
When thinking about why I tends to focus on the act which generall does not result into any solution.
You will often conclude that if it were not for that experience you would not be well equipped to handle such situation.